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LisaB and Buddy - NewbieZine
Meet Buddy! He’s a rescue dog with a little Peke and Terrier in him. This makes him super hyper and stubborn, but super cuddly! (except for pictures, that is…)

You are a newbie if you meet any of these criteria:

You’ve never heard of HTML or CSS or you think they might be some new app out there.

Someone told you a blog could be started in as little as 10 minutes, and you have no freakin’ clue what to do now.

You’ve read every blog post out there about “How to Start a Blog in 15 Minutes” (which is crap) and installing WordPress looks like you need a mechanic to do it.

You’ve joined and left WordPress and/or Blogging groups on Facebook because they are too complicated.

Email lists, plug-ins, and SEO sound like super complicated ingredients for some fancy-shmancy French dish.

You are a creative.  You know EXACTLY how you want your site to look – you just have absolutely no idea how to make it happen and you are intimidated by the whole “blogging-thingy” and are afraid to ask for fear of looking silly.

Hold on, now.  Being a newbie isn’t all bad!  It’s wonderful!  You are in a unique position!  You are ready to absorb all the blogging knowledge you can get your hands on!

What if I told you that there is help so easy to understand, a 10 yr old could do it?  That you’ve come to the right place?

Hello!  My name is Lisa B.  I am a veteran website coder (for more than 20 years) and blogger of all things blogging!  I am here to help you with the technical side of blogging in a way that anyone with any level or lack of experience in the wonderful world of blogging can understand!  I thrive on coffee, sarcasm, and a love of cheesecake.

My background is comprised of many years as a technical writer – writing the instructions on how to use various software systems, website designer, graphic designer, and technical trainer.  I don’t claim to know everything and someone else might have a different way of doing things.  I’m here to make blogging as painless as possible for every newbie (and seasoned) blogger out there!

If you are looking for no-nonsense tips, tricks, tutorials, and information about the technical side of blogging — you’ve come to the right place.

I will not tell you how to become the next blogging millionaire — that’s all on you.  I will not tell you how to get hundreds or thousands of readers, followers, buyers, etc.

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I WILL help you make your blog as technically sound as possible!  I will help you integrate your social media platforms with your blog.  I will help you figure out what CSS, HTML, plugins, hex colors, and more technical “thingies” so that you can have the best blog for you and your readers.

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