How to Pin Blog Posts to Pinterest Automatically

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To date, this is the ONLY way I have come across that will allow me to pin blog posts to Pinterest automatically.  Boardbooster and Tailwind operate on images that have already been pinned.  I was looking for a way to get my post images to pin automatically.  I found it!

How to Pin to Pinterest Automatically - NewbieZine

Nelio Content is a WordPress plugin that features an editorial calendar and a content assistant that allows you to Auto-post, schedule, and share your posts on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social networks.  I am not affiliated with this plugin in any way — I just happen to like it!  

The feature I use in this plug-in is the Pinterest feature.  I, like many of you, cannot justify any of the paid applications out there that will do this.  I love the fact that this feature is free, even with its limitations….

You can click here to download the plugin.  Once you’ve installed and activated the Nelio Content plugin, it’s time to set new blog posts to automatically post to Pinterest!

Let’s Post a Pin!

Pick a post that hasn’t been published yet or write a new one.  At the bottom of the post (usually after the Yoast plugin info), there should be a section titled “Social Media”.

Since this is a free version of this plugin, the post cannot be scheduled separately to Pinterest.  Whenever the post is live, the Pinterest pin will be live at the same time.

Under the Publication Day section, click the area that reads “Add Social Message”.

Newbiezine - Post Automatically to Pinterest

Next, the post must be assigned to a Pinterest board.  Click the Pinterest icon.  Below the Pinterest icon, there should be a profile pic of the Pinterest account.  Click that profile pic.  A list of the boards associated with that account will be shown.  Select the board the post should be on and click the Save button.  The free version of this plugin only allows you to choose one board.

Newbiezine - How to Auto-Post to Pinterest

Next, an image needs to be assigned to the post.  Click the little image icon as shown in the lower right-hand corner of the pic above.  From the media library, choose the picture to be associated with this pin.  Click the Save button.

How to Post Automatically to Pinterest - Newbiezine

Once the post has been completed, it is ready to be published.  How awesome is that?

So, now, instead of posting your content, and then manually pinning your content, you can set it to autopilot!  Let me know your thoughts on this handy little tool in the comments below!

If you haven’t verified your blog with Pinterest yet, you can find out how to do that here.

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Happy blogging!!  Talk to you soon!

LisaB 🙂

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