The Number One Reason Why No One is Reading Your Blog

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The Number One Reason Why No One Is Reading Your Blog is simple.  Your writing sucks.  Like, really bad.

Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s true.  “What’s the problem with my writing?”, you ask?  Well, let me tell you:

  • You have spelling errors all over the place.
  • Sentences don’t make sense. A single sentence is often 3 sentences long and makes absolutely zero sense.
  • The grammar is so bad, even the ‘grammar police’ aren’t taking the time to tell you about it.
  • There isn’t any “flow”.  Paragraphs are all over the place.  Too many sentences in the paragraphs.
  • It’s obvious you don’t care about your blog.  It’s obvious you don’t take blogging seriously.

The Number One Reason No One is Reading Your Blog <NewbieZine/>

The Number One Reason Why No One is Reading Your Blog - NewbieZine

Using “you” instead of “your” is the biggest offender.  “Loose” instead of “Lose”.  Simple spelling mistakes.  I stop reading after the first offense.  How am I supposed to take your blog serious?  How am I supposed to give you my money or my email address if you didn’t even take the time to proofread before hitting “publish”?

The Number One Reason No One is Reading Your Blog
The Brutal Truth Why No One is Reading Your Blog

The other day I came across a blog advertisement that told me it had the ONLY information I’d need about optimizing Pinterest.  The very first line of the article was awful.  It was a huge paragraph (talk about run-on sentences!) and made no sense.  I didn’t even finish the article.  It took me a whole 5 seconds to get the heck out of there.

Nothing will turn a potential customer or a follower off faster than crappy writing.

One paragraph should lead to the next.  If you are changing topics completely – use a heading to tell the reader what you are doing.  It tells the reader that you are finished with one idea and ready to move on to the next topic/idea.

Sorry, Not Sorry

I get it.  Not everyone was an English major in college or high school.  I am horrible at completing math problems that are outside business math.  Do you know what I do? I find a super math geek to help me.  If English is not your first language — and your audience is English-speaking — get help.

The Number One Reason No One is Reading Your Blog

Don’t get me wrong — I’m sure if you read my stuff long enough — you’ll find a mistake.  You might even find a mistake or two or three right here in this post.  (Feel free to call me out on it too!)  I am not perfect and I can’t afford to employ a full-time proofreader.

BUT, I do make every attempt to at least appear coherent and intelligent.  🙂

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There is no excuse for bad grammar, poor spelling, or even bad punctuation.  The solution to avoiding these issues is so simple!  I have two words for you.

Grammarly.  Hemingway.

Grammarly is an app that will run in the background of your computer or phone or tablet.  You can either type or copy/paste the text into Hemingway.  Both will help your blog posts look like they were written by a professional.  That is the image you, as a blogger, want to project, right?

If you can afford it, use a professional.  Here is an awesome proofreading/editing company:  (affiliate link)
Editing and Proofreading by Scribendi
Commonly Misused Words – So you don’t keep repeating the same mistakes:

anymore / any more
there / their / they’re
it’s / its
lead / led
loose / lose
passed / past
accept / except
to / too / two
you / your / you’re
than / then

So, for the love of Pete — stop posting crappy blogs.  Please?  I’d love to hear your “war” stories about proofreading… Any hilarious mistakes that got out?  I’ll go first:

At my day job, I had to send out an email to all management staff about how to use a new mobile app.  I wrote: “You can use your finger or your mouth to entire your signature.”  DOH!  The wrong word?  Mouth.  The correct word?  Mouse.

All of the staff had quite the giggle at my expense – ranging from calling me about the technical difficulties of signing with their tongues to stopping by my office to rub it in!  Embarrassed?  You bet yer ass I was!!  Lesson learned: I installed Grammarly onto my Outlook program! 😀

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One thought on “The Number One Reason Why No One is Reading Your Blog

  1. Someone had to say the cold, hard truth. Mistakes are unavoidable & no one is perfect.

    BUT, there are some mistakes that CAN be avoided by using the simple tools you recommended… whether or not English is a person’s first language.


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