How To Optimize Your WordPress General Settings

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You have purchased hosting (affiliate), installed WordPress, and are ready to rock out the next most awesome blog. You haven’t even decided on a theme just yet. Maybe you have. But no one has told you how to optimize your WordPress General settings.

How to Optimize Your WordPress General Settings - NewbieZine

There’s a whole lot of information there — that, if set to the wrong settings, can ruin your readers blogging experience (and cause you numerous headaches later). I am going to show you how to optimize your WordPress settings.

Make sure you are logged in to your WP Admin. Next, go to Settings > General.

You should see Site Title and Tag Line as the first two options. What are you calling the blog? This is not your domain name (web address).

Next, we have the WordPress Address(URL) and Site Address (URL). From a newbie perspective — these should match. f your hosting provider gives you free SSL (and they should!) the addresses for both should start with HTTPS.


The Email Address MUST be the same as the one you used to login to the Admin section.  DO NOT EVER change the email address here. Something to think about: this email address should NEVER have the word admin in it.  It’s a huge security risk (see WordPress Security post).

Membership — unless you are going to setup a community like BuddyPress, it’s best to leave this one unchecked.  You don’t necessarily want people setting up logins to your blog — if you don’t have anything for them to do… I’ll cover this topic in a later post!

New User Default Role – this goes hand in hand with the membership.  The default setting is User. You don’t need to do anything with this option right now.

Site Language – this is fairly obvious.  What language will you be writing in? Select the appropriate language.  Keep in mind – whatever you choose here is what will be used on your published posts.

Time Zone – Select the time zone you live in.

Date Format and Time Format – how do you wish dates and times to be displayed on your blog and posts?

Week Starts On – What day of the week do you want to be first?

Once you have your changes made, simply click the Save Changes button.

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LisaB 🙂

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